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New Customers & Access Forms

New Customer Information

Welcome to the Federal Investment Program. Here you'll find resources to familiarize yourself with the program and begin investing. The steps you can expect in the approval process are:

  • The Secretary requires legal authority, either from a statute or a treaty, to invest government moneys held in a government account.
  • OMB representative is contacted by your agency to obtain approval.
  • Obtain approval to invest from the U.S. Treasury. This includes Treasury Counsel issuing a legal memo documenting the review of your Fund's legislative investment authority.
  • Once approval and account (s) are set up with OMB and Fiscal Service, you can process your first investment through FedInvest.

While You Await Approval

  • Contact the Bureau of the Fiscal Service at 202-874-9950 to set up an Account Fund Symbol (AFS) with the U.S. Treasury. Include the following:
    a. A statement indicating that OMB has approved the account(s).
    b. The type of fund.
    c. The proposed account title.
    d. The statutory authority
    e. The agency and bureau needing the account.
  • Contact the Budget Reports Division of the Bureau of the Fiscal Service at 202-874-9870 to establish the investment subclasses for the Fund. The Investment Subclasses needing set up for the account(s) are (88), (98), (75), and (76) or .2, depending upon the type of fund being set up. Obtain confirmation when this is complete.
  • Contact Federal Investments and Borrowings Branch (FIBB) to get account set up in the FedInvest System and submit the following Forms:
Form Format Size Required for each new...
Bureau of the Fiscal Service FedInvest Logon ID Request General Information Form PDF 8KB User
Instructions for Completing FedInvest LogonID Request General Information Form PDF 8KB User
System Access Administrator Form PDF 79KB System Access Administrator

If you have any questions, you may contact The Federal Investments and Borrowings Branch at (304) 480-5151 and select option 3 or e-mail

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